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Enjoy now on your terms.

Designed for instant enjoyment. Fits your mobile lifestyle. Puts you in control. No hidden fees.

Designed to fit your mobile lifestyle.

You can lean on us at anytime.
As simple to use as hailing an Uber ride.

A design that puts you in control.

Pick a payment plan that fits your budget.
3, 6 or 12 monthly installments, with or without grace.

Designed with no hidden fees.

What you see is what you'll pay.
There are no surprises.

Designed for instant enjoyment.

You don't wait in line.
Just enjoy your purchase right away.

Fair terms.

Make monthly payments at a rate starting from 0% APR. Your rate depends on your credit score. Your terms are shown before checkout.

Experience something different.

Shopping with us is a unique experience. Don't queue in a line, instead get your new payment option in the comfort of your house or place of work. Don't adjust to payment terms, instead have the payment terms adjust to you.

Shopping with LeanPay is secure.

Security is our top priority. Your data is safeguarded and encrypted. Our 2-step verification process protects you from any misuses.

Shopping with
                        LeanPay is secure