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Investing with LeanPay is straightforward. Access our diversified portfolios of consumer loans right from the LeanPay app. Our portfolio are designed to mimic the performance of credit card receivables.

Find the value/risk mix thats fits yours investing appetite.

We know that not all people have the same risk appetite. That is why we have created three different investment portfolios for you. All of our portfolios are fully diversified, so you don't have to cherry pick transactions. With a single click, choose the portfolio you are most comfortable with.

*Expected return is shown net of losses & fees.

Investing with leanpay is easy.

Your investment is directly tied to the customers transactions. As they repay their purchase, your investment grows. Of course, we take care of everything, yours is to enjoy the benefits of investing with us.



At every checkout, the customer goes through our credit scoring process.


Customers choose the payment plan that they are most comfortable with.


Customers make fixed, scheduled payments each month.

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Pick one of the three portfolios that we offer.


Fund a portfolio of transcations that you’ve selected.


See your investment grow over time.

Our portfolios are stable and resilient.

Since our point-of-sale transactions are a substitute for credit card transactions, our portfolios are the closest thing you can find on the market to credit card receivables. The performance of our portfolios therefore mimics the performance of credit card receivables.

Credit card receivables have had no negative returns for last 20+ years.

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