Customer Merchant Investor Company


Start growing your business and increase customer satisfaction

Become one of many retailers who have increased their business by offering their clients our financing plans.

Turn Millennials into buyers.

As you know, Millennials are reluctant to use traditional financial services. Our solution fits their mobile lifestyle, so through it you can turn them into loyal customers.

Increase ticket size and conversion rate.

Due to greater payment flexibility, your customer's purchasing power increases significantly. Our real-time loan decision leads to increase conversion both in-store and online.

Receive your money tomorrow.

You don't worry about credit or fraud risk. We take care of everything. Every confirmed transaction if fully paid to you no later then tomorrow.

Make use of effective target marketing.

Using our big data analytics, convert your leftover inventory into best sellers by creating effective target marketing campaigns.

LeanPay makes financing simple.

It has never been this simple to offer your customers the option to buy on installments. With us, your customers can create fair and flexible payment plan that fits their budget.


Customer and Merchant are connected through API or in-store Web App at the checkout


Customer chooses terms of payment and confirms purchase


LeanPay settles the full amount with Merchant


Customer repays the purchase directly to LeanPay

Integration with LeanPay is easy.

Whether you sell online or offline, we have made sure that your employees would find it easier to use than a credit card terminal.