Flexible payments that help shoppers say yes



average increase overall sales in first 6 months


increase in average order value


increase in the number of buyers

Accelerating the growth of your business

Increase sales!

49% of customers abandon purchases due to a lack of limit on the card. 46% of customers need credit for purchases above 1000 EUR.

Increase the number of customers!

Provide customers with everything in one place. Acquire customers of the new digital generation.

Increase your average cart amount!

Communicating prices in installments allows the customer to adapt their wishes to their possibilities.

How does Leanpay work?


No credit card

Only a few clicks from limit approval to purchase.


Super easy payment in installments

According to the wishes and possibilities of the customer.


Digital and secure payment experience

Payment authorization immediately at the point of sale.


No hidden costs

Transparent at every step.


Quick and easy integration

Adapt communication to your standards and offer customers a complete service in one place.

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Solutions for achieving sales goals

Simple and affordable purchase

Quick return on investment in marketing campaigns

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Enable your shoppers flexible payments to boost your sales results.