Leanpay is changing the rules with AI

06.04.2024. 3 min. read

Over the last year, Leanpay has also embarked on a journey to integrate artificial intelligence into our work. This is how we managed to create Lea - our virtual assistant for customer support.

Read our latest blog to find out what we wanted to achieve with Lea, how we did it, and who helped us get there.


Meet Lea

In 2024, we brought Lea - our AI-powered virtual assistant - on board to help our customer support team resolve customer questions and challenges.

We introduced Lea into our operating system because we wanted to transform how we handle customer interactions. We originally integrated Lea to help us answer emails from our customers. The results were encouraging, as her skills significantly reduced the time it would otherwise have taken our agents to reply.

Due to the positive results, we are now gradually extending its support to other Leanpay portals, social networks, and other communication platforms. We aim to provide a complete customer support solution.

The creation of Lea was full of different strategies, learning, and insights. And it has not only accelerated our development of Lea but also deepened our understanding of the huge potential of AI-based solutions.

Of course, we couldn't have achieved all this without the dedication and expertise of our partners - FrodX. Together with them and using advanced OpenAI technologies, we have been able to revitalize Lea and optimize our approach to customer support work.


Why did we decide to create Lea?

We decided to integrate Lea into our working process for several reasons:

  • To speed up implementation: we wanted a faster support response to our customers' questions.
  • To better understand the potential and use of AI in customer support.
  • To improve the efficiency of our customer support team: To simplify support processes, reduce response times and cut costs.
  • Increase resolution and satisfaction rates: Increase first contact resolution rates and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Optimise human resources: Enable human agents to focus on more complex problems, improving the overall quality of service.
  • Improve customer service: Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. With Lea's help, we want to facilitate their interactions with Leanpay and ensure that all their questions are answered quickly and efficiently.

Improvements in performance

Since Lea's launch, we have seen remarkable improvements in our customer support metrics:

  • First Response Time (FRT): Reduced from 6 hours to less than 2 minutes, ensuring customers receive responses quickly.
  • First Contact Resolution Rate (FCR): Increased to around 82%, meaning that the majority of queries are resolved on first contact.
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): Exceeded 80%, reflecting high levels of customer satisfaction and trust.

I felt very comfortable when I received help. Her help was quick, efficient and easy to understand. She enabled me to solve my problems quickly, which saved me a lot of time and effort.

Financial impact

The financial benefits of Lea's involvement have been significant:

  • Cost per issue: Reduced by approximately 98.6% compared to traditional human agent support methods.
  • Workload distribution: Lea takes on approximately 60.3% of the workload, allowing our agents to focus on more complex and important tasks.

Wider impact and opportunities

Lea's ability to deal with frequent inquiries has enabled us to offload staff within our customer service team.

This has allowed our agents to focus on more complex problems. This approach improves the overall efficiency of the team and the quality of service.

By integrating Lea into our business, we have not only improved our customer support experience but also positioned ourselves alongside industry-leading innovators such as Klarna. In this way, we demonstrate our commitment to innovation and maintain our market leadership position.


The integration of Lea into our customer support system was a real milestone.

The remarkable improvements in response times, problem resolution rates and customer satisfaction, along with the significant savings, underline the power of AI solutions.

As we continue to expand Lea's capabilities across channels, we remain committed to providing exceptional customer support and maintaining our market leadership position.

Our commitment to improving the overall experience is dedicated to our users and our partners. To make our collaborations even more fruitful.