Leanpay is the market leader in Slovenia

05.27.2024. 3 min. read

Read the article below and learn more about how Leanpay improved its position in the market.

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We are sharing with you insights from consumer research conducted by the agency Ipsos in Slovenia in the year 2024.

The sample consisted of individuals from the age of 25 to 45, including both Leanpay users and non-Leanpay users, who have been selected by the research agency, Ipsos.

Survey respondents were asked a variety of questions about installment payment providers in Slovenia.

We are showing you the results below.

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Leanpay - Market leader in installment payments in Slovenia

The report has shown we remain the leading provider and market leader in the field of installment payments in Slovenia. The survey results confirm the success of our efforts and validate the quality of our services. It also shows we keep on gaining trust from both users and partners.

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We take great pride in the trust our partners and users place in us.

This year, over 100,000 Leanpay users are already enjoying the flexibility of making installment purchases with our growing network of partners.

Our partner base continues to expand, and we are thrilled to have over 950 partners on board.

Let’s deep dive into the key metrics that showcase our results.

Spontaneous brand awareness

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One of the key indicators of brand success is spontaneous brand awareness. When asked about installment payment providers, respondents had to name installment payment providers in Slovenia they know without any prior prompting or suggestion.

Leanpay is the most mentioned brand, with spontaneous brand awareness increasing to 33%, marking a 9% improvement since last year, and establishing us as the market leader in installment payments.

This achievement is even more significant as we have surpassed major global credit card companies, which hold a joint second place at around 20%.

We believe this spontaneous recognition results from long-term and effective communication strategies and quality services we strive to provide daily.

The intent of paying in instalments with Leanpay

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The survey reveals a promising improvement in the intent to use our services, with respondents indicating which installment providers they plan to use soon.

Leanpay saw a 13% increase in intent, a clear sign that we've met users' expectations and earned their trust and satisfaction.

When you choose Leanpay, you gain access to top-tier products and streamlined processes. With over 950 partners and thousands of points of sale across Slovenia, more than 100,000 satisfied users already trust us.

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Summary of key indicators

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The data highlights significant growth and stability in key performance indicators.

  • Spontaneous Brand Awareness increased to 33%, indicating that more consumers are now familiar with Leanpay without prompting.
  • Promoted Brand Awareness saw a substantial rise to 62%, reflecting successful marketing and promotional efforts.
  • Spontaneous Recognition of Ads improved significantly to 20%, indicating that more consumers recall seeing Leanpay advertisements.
  • Usage of Leanpay's services rose to 16%, demonstrating a growing number of consumers utilizing Leanpay for their installment payment needs.
  • Intent to use Leanpay also increased to 13%, suggesting a higher interest and intention among consumers to engage with Leanpay's services.

These trends highlight Leanpay's expanding market presence and the effectiveness of its strategies in building brand awareness, driving usage, and fostering consumer intent.

Plans for the future

As the leading brand in installment payments, we are committed to continuously enhancing our users’ experience and providing greater security in their transactions. Our outstanding results reflect our team's dedication and the trust of our partners and users. Together, we are building Leanpay into a successful and trusted brand.

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We are deeply grateful to our current partners for their ongoing trust and collaboration. We would not be here without you!

Looking ahead, we have ambitious plans to further innovate our services, expand our market reach, and strengthen our partnerships.

We are focused on introducing new features to improve user experience, increasing security measures, and exploring new growth opportunities.

Not yet a partner? Let our proven track record speak for itself. Join us and let Leanpay help you achieve your growth goals.