New partnership: Leanpay and ZNSS

11.29.2023. 1 min. read

New partnership Leanpay and ZNSS

We are delighted to finally announce our new partnership with the Football Referees Association of Slovenia, which we have been working on over the past months. Together with them, we are promoting fair play, responsibility, and transparency in football and BNPL.

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Why is this partnership crucial?

1. Transparency and fair play

At Leanpay, fair play is part of our DNA. We are committed to creating financial services based on transparency:

  • We build long-term collaborations with partners and customers.
  • We check limits and creditworthiness to ensure that customers do not over-indebted themselves.
  • No fine print.
  • Transparent costs.
  • Financial plan in one place, customers can plan.
  • Fixed costs for a clear idea of the budget.

This is where our vision goes hand in hand with the ZNSS, which encourages fair and honest play and professionalism on the field.

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Matjaž Omejc, Country Manager of Leanpay Slovenia, told us:

We look forward to working together with the Football Referees Association of Slovenia, not only to support financial flexibility but also to encourage the spirit of fair play, responsibility, and transparency. This partnership reflects our commitment to encouraging individuals to achieve their financial goals responsibly. Our vision is strongly linked to the principles that ZNSS adheres to in the field of sport. Here's to a successful collaboration between sport and finance!

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2. Check your limit and discover how far you can go!

Just as football referees check their limits and potential at every game and beyond, we enable our customers to check their financial limits with Leanpay's flexible payment options.

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David McDowell Zor, president of ZNSS said:

The partnership with Leanpay is more than just a collaboration; it is a shared commitment to excellence. This new step with Leanpay allows us to further strengthen our values of fair play and integrity. Leanpay's commitment to responsible lending and transparent operations reflects our commitment to the highest standards in the game. Together, we are building a story of fairness, transparency, and success in both the worlds of finance and sport. I look forward to reaching new milestones together!

3. Innovation and personal growth:

Both Leanpay and ZNSS encourage an innovative approach to operations. As a provider of innovative financial services, Leanpay enables our customers to step forward towards their goals. Similarly, football referees work on their personal growth through their performances and careers to ensure they are up to the task.

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4. Teamwork, inclusiveness, and professionalism

At Leanpay, we believe that only through team spirit, shared support, and motivation can we achieve our business goals. We are united in the diversity and equality of all our members because we believe that this is what allows us to take a fresh look at our profession. This is where we align with the vision and mission of the ZNSS, which promotes inclusivity and professionalism in their work.

Discover how far you can go, play fair - together with Leanpay and ZNSS! 💪🏆🚀